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Outdoor Ranges

The six Mesa outdoor antenna ranges include three short ranges nominally less than three hundred feet in length and the three long ranges that exceed three hundred feet in length.

Outdoor Ranges
Outdoor Ranges

The short antenna ranges have adjustable height source (transmit) antennas and track mounted test-antenna positioners permitting easy modification of transmit-antenna-to-test-antenna separation and polarization.  The ranges are clear of reflection producing objects with the exception of the flat intervening ground. The ground reflections are normally controlled by adjusting the test tower and transmit tower heights and separation distance depending on the directional characteristics of source and test antennas, as well as by judicious application of absorbing materials.

Short Antenna Ranges

The 212 East range is 150 feet long. The 212 West range is adjustable; it has a maximum length of 650 feet and can thus be configured as either a short or a long range. The 256 East range is not currently operational.

Long Antenna Ranges

Unacceptable ground reflections can be avoided on long ranges by locating the source and test antennas with a deep intervening valley between.  The Mesa's 1200 ft and 3000 ft length ranges have this property and are used for far-field testing of large aperture antennas.  Both the 1200 ft and the 3000 ft ranges use fixed transmit and test antenna heights, but are fully capable of producing azimuthal as well as conical cut patterns.

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