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Machine Shop

A small machine shop, staffed by a professional machinist, is located on the Mesa and provides services to all Mesa users.  The shop machinery includes an NCC vertical mill, a lathe, a drill press, a band saw, and several other metal working tools.  The primary purpose of the shop is to provide quick turn-around fixture fabrication and modification in support of all Mesa users.  The request form and submission instructions are shown below.  The user's request is acted upon by a cognizant Manufacturing Engineer (ME) who then provides a cost estimate and creates the appropriate Traveler authorizing the Mesa machinist to proceed with the work.  The user’s project is then charged the appropriate number of Mesa units to cover the work.

A view of the Mesa Facillities' machine shop
The Machine Shop


MESA Machine Shop Service Request


Please complete the request for the Non-Standard Machinist work order for Non-Flight work on the Mesa:

Project Name: __________________________

Project #:__________________________

Task #: __________________________

Requester’s Name: __________________________

Requester’s Phone #: __________________________

Requester’s E-mail: __________________________

Requester’s Badge Number: __________________________

Overtime Approved: __________________________


Traveler type:

  • Tech Assist (labor only, no part production) _______
  • Bread Board (Fixture production) _______

Provide the following information:

  • Approximate technician labor hours needed to complete your task.
  • General description of Scope of work required to complete the task.  Include (attach) a sketch if possible.
  • The projected completion date of your task.

Please provide this information at your earliest convenience so that we can meet your needs. 
FAX this form & attachment(s) to x3-3016.