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212 West Range

212 West antenna range
212 West

The Building 212 West antenna range is equipped with an azimuth over elevation positioner with a 20-ft fiberglass mast supporting a motorized polarization roll head. The positioner is track mounted (650 ft track) to enable adjustment of the distance between source antenna and receive antenna. An adjustable azimuth table allows the test engineer to position the test antenna phase center over the center ofrotation for far-field phase measurements. The source antenna has adjustable height and polarization (roll).  The range normally operates from UHF through the Ka-band frequencies. The West range is often used to measure low gain antennas mounted on spacecraft and rovers such as the DTF Rover shown below.

212 East
AirMOSS UHF antenna measured on West Range
212 East

MER UHF antenna on DTM Rover measured on West Range


Location: Mesa Facilities Map